With WooCommerce you can build a store in no time. With a ready made theme, extensions that enable features custom to your needs and over 70+ payment gateways and shipping methods to choose from.

However, we now live in an age were we use our smart phones for basically everything including shopping online, so it’s important that we are able to give our customers the same options to buy on their smart phones.

Depending on the type of e-commerce store your running, a responsive theme is not always the best approach when it comes to loading a fast site. 75% of customers leave the store before checkout because the site is slow. ?

By using a headless architecture instead, you can separate the frontend (Your WooCommerce store for desktop users) from the backend (WordPress used as your CMS). You can manage both separately while enabling to smoothly display content to your app and improve your customers shopping experience for mobile users.

You can do this by building your store in any of the modern popular frameworks such as React, Vue, Gatsby and many others. This allow you to provide what is needed for the customer to make a purchase without the slow baggage that most WooCommerce sites have. ?

So why should I use CoCart?

Well, even though the WooCommerce REST API is created with developers in mind, it’s only designed for the controlling the backend of the store.

Most developers have to fork out further custom development to enable the frontend to meet their client’s specifications and that can be costly. CoCart provides that missing component to bridge ? the gap between your WooCommerce store and the app your building by enabling the features of the frontend at a fraction of the cost.

If you are wanting to build a headless WooCommerce store then CoCart is your solution.

Why was CoCart made?

I’m a long time WooCommerce fan and when the REST API feature was added, there was always one key option missing and for many years since, many users have been asking WooCommerce to support it but it did not become a priority for them.

So I decided to develop it myself, sticking with just the core abilities (adding items, updating items, removing items and viewing the cart) at the time to create a prototype and shared it with the community on the WordPress plugin directory.

Get Cart Contents Response Example
JSON response example when requesting to view the cart after adding an item.

Within a few days I was already getting positive feedback and my first review.

I have been improving CoCart since and now have CoCart Pro available providing the full cart experience via the REST API to build a headless WooCommerce store.



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Sébastien Dumont

WordPress and WooCommerce developer.