The Journey to CoCart

This project is the result of three years and more spent working hand-in-hand with web developers and WooCommerce developers and the lessons learned along the way.

About CoCart

CoCart is a RESTful API made for WooCommerce. It focuses on the front-end of the store helping you to manage shopping carts and allows developers to build a headless store in any framework of their choosing.

No local storing required. A powerful RESTful API that offers an integration to build your headless store with ease.

The Story

CoCart started out as an experiment to read the cart data via the REST API as it was not part of the native official WooCommerce REST API.

After releasing an MVP of the API, developers responded and saw not only the potential but the opportunity in creating faster headless stores.

While getting so much feedback since the initial release, research had begun to make CoCart much more stable and ready for production.

It has since gained much popularity as sites are now forced to be faster in order to remain in decent rankings with their SEO when searched for in Google.

Not only that store sales have increased considerably since the first quarter of 2020 so having a store that can handle the additional traffic while remaining fast at all times has been a top priority.

The Mission

Over the years developing the API, it is clear that with the many WooCommerce extensions and selling combinations out there. There is still a lot of work to be done but work that is underway and is heading in the right direction.

CoCart’s mission is to provide the best REST API you need for your headless store development so you don’t have to worry about handling the cart data or the products, only the representation of it.

With the ability to use the REST API in any modern framework such as React, Vue, Gatsby and many others, CoCart takes a serious amount of time and work out of the developers hands allowing them to get on with putting the site together much quicker however they like.


CoCart has a great community to help each other out and is constantly growing.

There you can ask for help, discuss ideas or provide feedback to help make CoCart much better for future updates.

<strong>Sébastien Dumont</strong>
Sébastien Dumont

WordPress and WooCommerce developer. Creator of CoCart.