About CoCart

The WooCommerce REST API was never meant for mobile, headless, or any other front-end implementation. It is only meant for back-end admin stuff like inventory, adding/removing products, etc.

That’s where CoCart comes in. A public unauthenticated API, that provides REST API endpoints for cart and product functionality. An alternative that supports headless/mobile apps for displaying products, search, filter attributes, collections, and other data without authentication.

CoCart also allows for cart operations such as adding items to the cart, updating quantities, applying coupons, adding fees, calculating shipping and more.

Unlike WooCommerce Store API where only the current customer’s cart can be accessed. CoCart supports customers by providing a unique cart key to help track of the cart session.

The session is always reflective of the customers cart.

Our Mission

CoCart’s mission is to provide an API you need to build fast and flexible headless stores that takes the pain out of developing.

Optimized for performance and designed for developers that provides support out-of-the-box experience that manages the cart sessions for both guest and registered customers without the need of being on the same origin as the WordPress installation.

What We’re Innovating

With any modern framework such as React, Vue, Gatsby and many others, CoCart takes a serious amount of time and work out of the developers hands allowing them to get on with putting the site together much quicker however they like.

eCommerce Platform

CoCart was built for the world’s largest open-source e-commerce platform, WooCommerce. By enabling the front-end of the store via the REST API, we’re making an impact on millions of businesses and consumers that wish to make their stores faster with today’s leading technology.


CoCart gives you the ability to fully customize the API by any means necessary while still keeping connected to original source data when needed. Our solution ensures the data and user flow of the API works perfectly wherever it’s implemented.


CoCart has a great community to help each other out and is constantly growing.

There you can ask for help, discuss ideas or provide feedback to help make CoCart much better for future updates.

The Planet Matters

We’re donating a portion of our gross revenue to environmental charities and endeavors. Currently donate 1% to Stripe’s carbon removal program.