Get Cart Enhanced

This free add-on enhances the data returned for the cart and the items added to it.

  • NEW: Cart returns currency.
  • NEW: Cart returns total weight.
  • NEW: Cart now returns items removed under extras.
  • NEW: Cart returns cross sell items based on items in the cart.
  • NEW: Cart returns enhanced for empty carts.
  • Returns the cart hash key.
  • Places the cart contents under a new array called items.
  • Returns the item count of all items in the cart.
  • Returns the shipping status of the cart.
  • Returns the payment status of the cart.
  • Returns coupons applied to the cart if enabled.
  • Returns additional fees applied to the cart.
  • Returns the cart totals.
  • Returns any notices.

Each item added to the cart will also return the following:

  • NEW: Returns variation data formatted.
  • NEW: Returns the product dimensions.
  • NEW: Returns minimum and maximum quantity of item can be purchased.
  • Returns the product categories assigned.
  • Returns the product tags assigned.
  • Returns the product SKU.
  • Returns the product weight.
  • Returns the product stock status.
  • Returns the product gallery if any.


  • Released: 20th February 2020
  • Version: 1.6.4
  • Last Updated: 29th May 2020
  • Changelog


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