This premium add-on provides a public version of accessing products, categories, tags, attributes and 
even reviews without the need to authenticate.

  • Return all published products
  • Return an individual product
  • Return an individual variable product and all it’s
    variations in one request.
  • Return all product categories.
  • Return all product tags.
  • Return all product attributes
  • Return a product attribute terms
  • Return all product reviews
  • Return an individual product review.
  • Create a product review. “Requires authentication as customer”

Query Warning

Large stores with many variations for variable products may slow requests down.

This add-on is included for those who purchase the Freelancer or Agency tier.

1 year of support and updates.

Want to test this add-on? Try before you buy.


  • Released: 04th March 2020
  • Version: 1.0.0 beta.10
  • Last Updated: 10th August 2020



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