Catching up since July 2021

This is a different news post one that I will do if I haven’t posted in a while.

First of all, all future development news will be under a new site called The site is the new official hub for CoCart development.

There you can find all the resources you need to be productive with CoCart and keep track of everything that is happening with the plugin, including development decisions and scoping of future versions.

All previous posts have been redirected there.

Second, it’s also the first step in providing a faster site and more mobile responsive so you have quicker access to what you need.

As for this site it will remain used only for selling support for CoCart and access to download CoCart Pro and all it’s add-ons.

A new site design is also in the works to make the store faster along with some branding tweaks such as the colour palette and logo.

Cleaner logo for CoCart

That’s it for now.

For more news on CoCart development, head over to

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