Subscription extension for those helping with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

If your business or organisation is selling online during the COVID-19 crisis, or you’re actively helping with the pandemic – e.g. distributing food or medical supplies – then I’m offering an extension on your subscription.

Now more than ever as we are isolated in our homes, ordering online to have essentials delivered to our homes is increasing.

Many businesses still do not yet have a fast mobile app or responsive version of their stores so using CoCart to develop one has become increasingly a more viable option to make that happen.

Which is why I am offering additional 2 months on all subscriptions for those who are helping. If your business needs to get online quickly in order to provide essential items or services to help with Coronavirus, please get in touch below.

All subscription extensions are valid before 30th June 2020. If the coronavirus crisis is still ongoing at that point, please get in touch again and I will extend your subscription again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about site licence activations?

If you use CoCart for more than one store please purchase the appropriate licence tier.

Can I have access to add-ons that are only available to “Freelancer” or “Agency” tier customers?

If you want to use the add-ons but purchased the “Personal” tier, please mention it when you make your request and I will provide access.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.