Our Part in Saving the Planet

Happy to announce that 1% of our gross revenue starting from the 1st September 2021 will now fund next-generation carbon removal technologies in partnership with Stripe.

Stripe Climate Logo
Stripe Climate

We are so glad to be able to do our part in helping the planet removing CO₂ from the atmosphere as it is critical to counteract climate change. A fraction of every purchase from CoCart helps new carbon removal technologies scale.

Now more than ever, it is a critically important role in helping fight climate change. To learn more on how you can do your part with Stripe, go to https://stripe.com/climate

Thank you.

Support Challenges

Updated 2:17 pm

We understand there are many great front-end plugins developed but not all can be supported just like that with CoCart.

We have a long list of quality extensions that we are working to audit and support.

Due to the nature of these extensions were originally designed for, the majority of them need converting so they can be supported via CoCart.

As headless decoupled architecture is still new to some, not all plugin developers who have designed these extensions for WooCommerce are either aware or want to support WooCommerce via the REST API.

So there are challenges and the results after an audit could mean that we can’t support said extension for the time being.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please check our updated support policy for what is and what is not supported with our support service.

New Add-on in Development: Carts in Session

One of the many things users have requested, (that WooCommerce don’t provide by default) is the ability to view the carts in session.

Today I am happy to share a MVP of an add-on I’m developing that will allow you to do just that.

It is currently only available on GitHub. As it is in the alpha stage, there is still work to be done but it will give you the basics to begin with.

I look forward to your feedback and requests.



CoCart Beta Tester

For those who like to stay ahead with the latest improvements that are in the works for CoCart, now you can with ease.

Simply download and install the CoCart Beta Tester and you will then be able to start running bleeding edge versions of CoCart from the GitHub repo.

This will replace your installed version of CoCart with the latest tagged pre-release on GitHub.

Use with caution, and not on production sites. You have been warned.

  1. Download the latest release from the GitHub repository.
  2. Go to WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New.
  3. Click Upload Plugin at the top.
  4. Choose File and select the .zip file you downloaded in Step 1.
  5. Click Install Now and Activate the CoCart – Beta Tester.

Happy testing!

Mix and Match Products Supported

Another great WooCommerce extension now supports CoCart. It’s called Mix and Match Products and it’s also developed by Kathy Darling. I was happy to help with it’s development and guide Kathy adding support for the REST API.

If your selling cases of wine, dozen donuts, fruit baskets or even a six-pack of T-shirts. Mix and Match is ideal for offering similar products in bulk containers. Perfect for encouraging customers to buy in bulk without forcing them to buy items that don’t interest them.

Now you can support these bulk product types in your headless store.

View the CoCart documentation to see how you can add a Mix and Match Product to the cart from your customers selection.

I’ve developed a WooCommerce extension

That’s great. Always looking to support more WooCommerce extensions. If your extension provides a new product type or extends with new product features that requires support in CoCart, I look forward to helping you out.

A boilerplate is available to give you a head start.

Name Your Price Supported

With the improved support for handling products in CoCart, it is easier for developers to add support in their WooCommerce extensions that provide extra product data or options for customers.

With that I am happy to announce that a popular WooCommerce extension called Name Your Price developed by Kathy Darling has become the first official extension to integrate support for CoCart within their plugin as of v3.1.0

This is a great first step in providing CoCart developers the same frontend options via the REST API and it works as advertised.

All that was required was some tweaking to the method used for handling error responses and validating the customers requested price.

I won’t say it was an easy process but one I was able to help develop with the plugin creator.

Documentation provides details on how to accept customers requested price.

I have created a page that lists supported WooCommerce extensions.

More extensions are being evaluated and are in development to add support. They will either be in future updates of CoCart Pro or provided within the extensions themselves.

If you have a WooCommerce extension that provides new product features that requires support in CoCart, I look forward to helping you out.

A boilerplate is available to give you a head start.

I look forward to sharing more extensions supporting CoCart in the future.