New CoCart Pro Prices for 2020

? A little history

At the launch of CoCart Pro on the 23rd August 2019, there was a lot of experimenting with the prices as I didn’t know how to market such a product.

I was providing a product that does not have a product to compete against and I still don’t. Active installs of CoCart was still low and the sales were slowly coming in.

Then suddenly in November there was a sudden wave of downloads, visitors to the site and more sales. ?

During the early bird period I provided a “Lifetime’ tier which sold a number of times and helped boost my confidence in the product as it was one step closer to validating that my product has value for what it offers to developers.

During Christmas holidays, sales were still coming in but most were purchasing the “Personal” tier which was great but after a while it became clear that the price for the “Personal” tier was to low and that being able to keep developing the product and provide support was going to be more costly to me in the long run since the lifetime tier was only a one-time purchase.

So I decided to experiment with the personal tier increasing it a little, bit by bit to see what customers would be willing to pay for the lower tier. I even increased the number of website activations from 1 to 3. I finally got to a price that was just right and has been doing well since.

I removed the “Lifetime” tier at the end of January 2020. Despite decreasing it by $100 it was no longer making any sales after Christmas so to me that meant the early bird period was over.

New pricing details

The new pricing model adopts a more contemporary approach and has been carefully designed to suit the users across three common use-cases.



Includes all Pro features, plugin updates and support per year for 10 websites.

Access to all pro add-ons plus all future pro add-ons.


Most popular!


Includes all Pro features, plugin updates and support per year for unlimited websites.

Access to all pro add-ons plus all future pro add-ons.

Early access to future features.



Includes all Pro features, plugin updates and support per year for 1 website.

You may upgrade your licence at any time, just pay the difference in cost!

? Prices increased

I have increased the prices across the board to better reflect the value of the plugin it brings to developers. Now, more than ever with the addition of CoCart Add-ons, CoCart Pro is the one solution to building a headless WooCommerce store with new features in development.

Some of these features in development are also add-ons and I can’t wait to share theme with you over the coming months.

? Add-ons included

Along with the price changes, if you haven’t already noticed, those who have the “Developer”, “Freelancer”, “Agency” or “Lifetime” tier also gain access to special add-ons for CoCart Pro.

This was applied before the prices were official changed so if you were a customer before the 9th March 2020, you too also get the same deal and have already been added to your subscription. If you appear to be missing access to any add-on in your subscription, please get in touch.

All free add-ons are available to all CoCart users and does not require you to be a CoCart Pro customer unless specified other wise.

? Changed tier

The middle-tier option is now aimed at freelancers. Before it was called “Developers” but as the product really is for developers in general, calling the middle tier “Developers” did not make sense so it’s now called “Freelancers”.

The new tier also has reduced the number of website activations by 10 from the previous 20. I did this because it helps me manage the amount of support I provide for one freelancer. The “Personal” tier has also decreased back to 1 from 3.

✋ What this means for you

The pricing changes will only affect new sales. If you are already a CoCart Pro customer, your licence will remain as is.

Those who purchased the “Lifetime” tier during the early bird period will still get updates and support forever and those who purchased the “Developer” tier will remain on that tier and keep your 20 website activations.

If you purchased the “Personal” tier before 9th March 2020 you will still get 3 website activations.


Should you cancel, downgrade or upgrade your “Developer” subscription at any time you will no longer have the option to select that tier again.

? Wrapping up

In closing, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the CoCart community. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to work on such an awesome product. Your feedback and reviews have been wonderful to read.

On top of that, finally reached the first 1000+ active install milestone last month and this week reached the 10k+ downloads milestone. ?

The upcoming changes are the result of a lot of careful consideration. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hi, please send me an email.

I am incredibly excited about the positive impact these changes will have on CoCart’s future. Thanks again for your support!

CoCart v3 in the Future

My plan for CoCart v3 is to introduce a major re-write of the cart system that the current API is relying on. Sounds big and your right, it is going to be a major achievement. ?‍♂️

While the API it’s self will not change much, the core of the API will have a new backbone rather than relying on the cart in the core of WooCommerce. Meaning that the majority of WooCommerce functions used will be in the core of CoCart with the necessary adjustments required.

This also insures that any changes made in the future to the cart in WooCommerce does not effect how CoCart functions in the long run.

Why the change?

In short, WooCommerce’s handle on sessions is not designed well for a REST API. Which is why I will be working on creating a new cart system that is designed for the REST API.

  • Better session control – will include the ability to switch between customers when authenticating. No more merged carts without clearing it first.
  • Additional fees support – will no longer run as an independent API.
  • Processing orders – cart is converted to an order ready to be paid so less coding and using WooCommerce’s REST API to do it.
  • and possibly more.

What about v2.1?

CoCart v2.1 is near, development was put on hold since December 2019 mostly for personal and technical reasons but I am back on track and making progress for beta 5.

While the cart improvements may not be perfect due to the session control system currently used, it is in the right direction and will provide a number of requested improvements.

CoCart v3 will include all the changes made in v2.1 and be improved upon.

Community and Feature Requests

The CoCart community has been great and a big help from the community has been the feedback. Without you, CoCart would not be possible.

There have also been many feature requests coming in. While I have started working on some of these features, they are not currently worth my time finishing and releasing until the core of CoCart is more stable and supportive of those features.

These features will of course be added as part of CoCart Pro or as an additional add-on depending on the support required for those features.

My hope is that with the new cart system, these features will be easier to provide and more open opportunities for developers will be available.

Some stats… everybody loves stats

CoCart currently has just over 900 active installs and 35.7% of them are still using version 1. On a surprising note, CoCart has been around for almost 2 years already since version 1 was released on on 26th February, 2018. That’s 20 days away from it’s 3rd birthday. ?

Version 2 was released on 3rd July, 2019 and the last release was 4 months ago so it’s been slow progress with the releases.

My hope is to increase the active installs and plan to release updates in shorter cycles. Right now there is too much of a gap.

How can you help

CoCart is currently developed in my free time, it’s not a full time gig yet. While I am making sales with CoCart Pro, the sales are slow coming and that’s to be expected I think due to the core of CoCart still needs addressing with the session issue.

At the moment I am still working freelance which takes my time away from developing CoCart. So I have come up with an idea that I think for those who like and use CoCart will appreciate and that is to become a founder.

As a founder you will be allowing me to work on CoCart more frequently, get a copy of CoCart Pro, all the add-ons and best of all unlimited site usage.

Your company logo will also be linked and displayed on a special page including the GitHub repository as a thank you.

You can if you wish still just purchase CoCart Pro. It’s up to you.

A big thank you for the customers I have had so far and all those using CoCart.

If you have any questions about this post or the founders edition, feel free to contact me or have an open discussion with me via Slack next Monday at 4PM GMT+1.

Thank you. ?

CoCart Pro Launched

Updated: 8th September 2019

I’m pleased to announce that CoCart Pro has now launched and it could not have come at a better time. Over 30% of the user base is now using version 2.0 of CoCart which is the minimum requirement to use CoCart Pro and CoCart has just passed 6000+ downloads. ?

I also like to thank those who have tested the beta’s, provided feedback and reported bugs found during it’s development. ?

It has been a great help to get the product ready and I have awarded you with a discount via e-mail as a thank you.


Support will be provided via Slack. There you can contact me directly via DM when needed and use the other available channels to discuss with other users and developers, provide feedback, share ideas or even showcase what you have built with CoCart.

An invite will be sent to the customer via e-mail to which you must accept in order to receive the support.

Why Slack instead of e-mail? Well for one so I don’t get a full inbox, two, Slack is the perfect tool to communicate with my customers anywhere. We can see each other online and have a live conversation which is far more engaging than e-mail.

Lifetime Offer

For those who like to get on the best deals at launch, you can do just that.

For a limited time, you can get the lifetime tier for a one time purchase that will allow you to use CoCart Pro on unlimited sites, receive lifetime support and free updates.

What’s Next?

Over time I will be supporting more official WooCommerce extensions and improving the documentation for other code languages.

If you have any questions I recommend checking out the FAQ page. I may already have an answer.

Coming in v2: Totals

Fetching the cart totals is one of the most important parts of the CoCart API and while you do get all the information you need, they were not always returned in the same format when it came to the actual totals and did not have the currency symbol applied.

I’m sure developers would have to convert the values and apply the currency symbol after fetching the totals which could also increase load time for their app with the additional code required.

For version 2, I wanted to make it faster and easier for developers by returning the results pre-formatted ready to simply display them.

All totals can now return as a string with the currency symbol automatically applied according to the store currency set in the WooCommerce settings.

To get these results, simply set the new property as true.

See documentation for example.

That’s it!

Feedback NO LONGER Required!

CoCart v2 is now available.

Coming in v2: Responses

Getting the correct returned response are important when using the REST-API so providing the option to return the whole cart without the need to call it again is also important.

Now when you add an item to the cart, update item quantity, remove item or restore an item. You can now return the whole cart contents rather than the default response if requested.

For e.g. by default when adding an item to cart, only that item would return it’s details. So before that happens if the return cart parameter is used, the whole of the cart is instead returned with that added item.

Pretty sweat right!

I’m sure developers will find this useful. What do you think of this improvement coming?

Version 2 is still in development so please come back for more news as it develops.

Thank you.