Improving CoCart backed by a great community since launch.


Release Date – 3rd December, 2021


  • Unable to remove items due to validation issue for certain edge cases. Reported by Rozaliya Stoilova Issue 287
  • Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen(). Reported by Tommie Lagerroos for Frontity compatibility.
  • Loading of RTL stylesheet if SCRIPT_DEBUG is not enabled.


  • Getting a single item with cart/item route now includes the cart route parameters so you can use all available.
  • Validation of item key used to remove, update or restore an item.
  • Weight does not forcefully round up the value. Shows the correct weight based on the quantity of item in cart. The weight is normalised unifying to “kg” then converted to the wanted unit set by the store settings. Reported by Miguel Peixe Aldeias.


  • Moved backorders and cart_item_data into the get_item() function instead so it returns data when return_item is set to true. Data was missing as it was outside this function. Reduced duplicate code in the process. 👍 Issue reported by Christian Grosskop Issue 288
  • The cart/item route now extends the cart route for better code management.
  • Filter cocart_cart_item_key_required_message now passes the correct status for the second parameter.


  • Tested: ✔️ Compatible with WooCommerce v5.9


  • Introduced new filter cocart_quantity_minimum_requirement to specify minimum quantity requirement if not 1.


Release Date – 8th November, 2021

  • Added: Recommended requirements to the installation section of the readme.txt file.
  • Added: Support for RTL.
  • Fixed: Undefined function for wp_get_environment_type() introduced in WordPress 5.5 should the site be running a lower version of WordPress. Reported by Mohib Salahuddin Ayubi.
  • Fixed: JS bug identifying the parent node for plugin suggestions page.
  • Tested: ✔️ Compatible with WooCommerce v5.8


Release Date – 16th October, 2021


Release Date – 15th October, 2021

🔥 This is a HOTFIX!


Release Date – 2nd August, 2021

  • Fixed: Validate item quantity by passing missing parameters.
  • Fixed: Default package title for WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages extension.
  • Dev: Improved performance in the WordPress dashboard.


Release Date – 29th July, 2021

  • Fixed: Product ID not returning as integer once validated instead of a string. 🙈 Thanks to Christian Kormos for reporting the issue.

Dev note

This will help solve issues with filters using the $product_id parameter when a product is added to cart.


Release Date – 22nd July, 2021

  • Dev: Stopped custom upgrade notice from being called on plugin page when major update is available for those using WordPress 5.5 or greater. See article!
  • Dev: Package file added for better composer packaging support.


Release Date – 21st July, 2021

  • Corrected: Sanitize only. Some functions were escaped when not needed to.


Release Date – 18th July, 2021

  • Dev: Plugin package tweaks for future CoCart project.


Release Date – 14th July, 2021

🔒 This is a SECURTIY FIX!

This release brings in a number of fixes to secure the plugin and keep up with WordPress code standards. It is highly recommended that you update to this release.

  • Fixed: Escaping HTML from requested cart key.
  • Fixed: Sanitized username and password with basic authentication.
  • Fixed: Yoda conditions.
  • Fixed: Localization for translators.
  • Updated: Getting started page with new lowest price to upgrade to CoCart Pro.
  • Dev: Documented parameter comments for functions that were missing.
  • Dev: Change the use of date() function to gmdate() function instead.
  • Dev: Change the use of strip_tags() function to wp_strip_all_tags() function instead.


Release Date – 25th June, 2021

  • Fixed: Validation of a variation added to cart should the parent ID be used. Thanks to Brandan King for reporting the issue.


Release Date – 28th May, 2021

  • Tweaked: Adding an item now includes the cart parameters so things like the featured image can return if left as the default setting instead of not showing at all when not set.


Release Date – 19th May, 2021

  • Fixed: Return error if no matching variation is found.
  • Fixed: Validation of empty totals forcing false error message to return.
  • Fixed: Empty backorders and featured_image now returns in cart response. Keeps cart response structure consistent.
  • Fixed: Coupon HTML formatting returned in cart response.
  • Fixed: Error response when attempting to view a single item that is not in the cart.
  • Tweaked: When items in cart are checked for remaining stock, only the first error notice is returned per item.
  • Tweaked: Updating, Removing or Restoring an item now includes the cart parameters so things like the featured image can return if left as the default setting instead of not showing at all.
  • Tweaked: Localization for validation error messages.
  • Tweaked: cocart_price_no_html() function to decode HTML so currency symbol returns correctly.


Release Date – 15th May, 2021

  • Fixed: Cart hash now returns in cart response after adding first item.
  • Dev: Code tweaks and inline doc improvements.
  • Dev: Added new helper function to detect CoCart Pro is activated.


Release Date – 12th May, 2021

🔥 This is a HOTFIX!

  • Fixed: Error when product image is not set. Now fails safely by returning the product placeholder image instead.
  • Fixed: Totals total returned value was returning the currency symbol decoded for certain countries so it looked like the total was an incorrect value.
  • Tweaked: Convert monetary values given before returning.


Release Date – 12th May, 2021

🔥 This is a HOTFIX!

  • Fixed: Uncaught error when the cart hash is not generated and saved in session cookie.
  • Fixed: Some validation errors not returning when attempting to add item to cart.
  • Tweaked: When adding an item and fails. Any remaining error notice that WooCommerce normally returns on the frontend is converted to throw an exception.


Release Date – 10th May, 2021

View release post

This release brings a new API providing more than before. Thanks to the feedback from the users, CoCart v3 brings a much better cart response with an all-new flow experience, new options and support for developers to utilize.

Error validation has also be improved so even the smallest of errors caused, a developer can get a clear explanation as to what went wrong.

Updating to the new API is simple and makes building your headless store easier than before. Most parameters are the same, other parameters have changed for the better including the default values. Simply follow the upgrade guide and your good to go.

What’s New with CoCart v3?

  • 🥇 API v2 with new routes to help with the flow.
  • 💯 Better cart response based on the experimental free add-on “Get Cart Enhanced“.
  • ⛓️ Carts can sync for guest customers between app and web once “Load Cart from Session” feature has been used.
  • 🔑 Basic Authentication now built in with the ability to authenticate via email instead of username. 🥳
  • 🔒 Each route can be forced to check if the user (meaning only a logged in user) has permission to use the API. This requires the use of a new filter. See article for more information.
  • 🔎 Browse and Search CoCart add-ons or supported extensions from the plugin install page.
    • * Search suggestions are added at the bottom of the plugin search results on the first page only if matching key words match.
    • * New plugin install section “CoCart” displays information on available add-ons or supported extensions with compatibility information and links to more details.
  • 🧾 Support for TaxJar for WooCommerce plugin if you have v3.2.5 or above.
  • 🚢 Support for WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages extension.
  • 🎁 Support for WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons extension.
  • 🗝️ Support for JWT Auth plugin by Useful Team.
  • 🌗 Compatible with WP-GraphQL WooCommerce add-on.
  • Tweaked: Session data now handled by new abstract to gain more control over it.
  • Tweaked: Cart key now returns in the cart response the first time round. 🥳
  • Tweaked: The loading of the session handler for better initialization by filtering it outside the action hook woocommerce_loaded.
  • Tweaked: Loading a cart from session is now prevented if a user is already logged in.
  • Tweaked: Loading a cart from session is now prevented if a user is not logged in and the cart key requested matches any registered user.
  • Tweaked: Cart session now stores when the cart was created, it’s source and hash.
  • Tweaked: WooCommerce System Status Tools are made available even if COCART_WHITE_LABEL is set to true.
  • Deprecated: Redirect to cart after using load cart from session.
  • Tested: ✔️ Compatible with WooCommerce v5.3
  • Dev: 🐸 Update database manually for CoCart via WP-CLI.
  • Dev: 🐸 Get the current version of CoCart via WP-CLI.
  • Dev: Forked get_customer_unique_id() from WooCommerce session handler for backwards compatibility. Introduced to help with unit tests in WooCommerce since version 5.3. Not needed for CoCart.