CoCart vs WooCommerce’s Store API

What is the difference?

Both API’s are unique for their individual purposes.

WooCommerce’s Store API is designed for the Gutenberg blocks which only requires a fixed format and is still prone to be used on native storefronts.

It also only works with Nonces when you are on the site, so for mobile apps or headless ecommerce, you will run into issues. Even disabling Nonces to use something like JWT won’t fully work for headless. And still relies on cookies.

It is also missing a lot of valuable information that developers require to help them.

CoCart’s API is designed for decoupling away from WordPress and lets you build headless ecommerce using your favorite technologies. No Nonces, no cookies.

CoCart is packed full of powerful features that are completely customizable making it possible for businesses to build a complete custom storefront how they want.

No matter the type of store you are running, CoCart helps you grow.

It’s made by and for developers and immediately allows you to create sophisticated experiences fast with unlimited possibilities with it’s plug and play solution that just works out of the box.