Koenighaus Infrarot

Könighaus sell infrared heaters that combine simple design with the latest heating technology. Cleverly placed, they fit into any room.

What are the advantages of infrared heaters ?

Save money with Könighaus  infrared heaters

With the infrared heaters from Könighaus you no longer waste money.

Since the innovative heating system only works with electricity, which is very cheap compared to other heating materials, you can effectively save up to 80% on your electricity bill by using our infrared heaters.

Experience your home in cozy warmth with infrared heaters.

Another advantage that infrared heating offers is the time saved. The long wait for a comfortable room temperature is eliminated by heating with the infrared heater. Simply set the desired temperature and in a few minutes you will feel comfortable in a warm room.

Infrared heaters  are not only cheaper to heat, but also better for the environment

Do you love nature and want to do something good for the environment? We have very good news for you: Infrared heating is very environmentally friendly because it works exclusively with electricity, which can also be obtained from renewable energies.

Infrared heating is a healthy way of heating, which does not cause problems for asthmatics and rheumatic patients. To be more precise: dust turbulence caused by conventional heating methods is a thing of the past.

Könighaus heaters are not only effective, but also elegant. The heating system as a picture on the wall or as a decoration on your desk  looks great in any apartment or house.