Is CoCart Pro an add-on or a plugin?

CoCart Pro is an add-on that provides a lot of awesomeness on top so you will need CoCart installed from the WordPress dot ORG plugin directory.

Can I upgrade my license?

Yes, you may upgrade your license at any time. Simply upgrade in your account area to upgrade and pay the difference in cost. This does not constitute a renewal to your license, so your license will expire on the same date.

Does CoCart Pro stop working if my license expires?

Absolutely not. CoCart Pro will continue to serve you well even after your license has expired. Inactive licenses simply will not receive automatic updates or access to CoCart Pro support.

What are the minimum requirements?

  • PHP v5.6
  • WordPress v4.9.8
  • WooCommerce v3.6.0

How do plugin updates work?

When there’s a new release of the plugin, the update will show in the WordPress dashboard just like any other plugin and you can update it just like any other plugin. If you let your license expire, you will no longer have access to software updates.

Are licenses active forever?

Only if you purchased the lifetime license, otherwise it’s a NO. Licenses remain active for the subscription period from the date of purchase.

How does a license apply to development or staging sites?

A single site license may be active within one WordPress install at a time. If you are testing with CoCart Pro on a staging site it is recommended that you activate the license in staging and when the site is deployed you then deactivate the license in staging and then activate it in production. You do not need an Agency license to use CoCart Pro on a staging site, local development domains do not count against the site limit for your license.

Also note that CoCart Pro is fully functional even if your license is inactive.

How do renewals work?

You’ll receive software updates and support for the subscription period you purchased. On the anniversary of your purchase, your subscription will automatically renew giving you another round of software updates and support. If you cancel your subscription and let your license expire, you will no longer have access to software updates or support.

Will you automatically charge my credit card?

Yes, your purchase is a subscription. You can cancel your subscription and add/remove payment methods at any time from My Account. I’ll send you an email 14 days before I charge your account as a reminder.

Do you offer a trial?

No I do not offer a free trial. I’m confident in my product. You can try CoCart Lite before purchasing CoCart Pro.

Does CoCart Pro work on WordPress.com?

Yes, CoCart Pro works with WordPress.com Business plans, which allows installation of plugins.

I did not get my Slack invite for support, what do I do?

Check your junk/spam folder to see if it went there instead by mistake. If not, please contact me via the email address you made the order with and I will invite you again.

Do you offer refunds?

Please see the appropriate section in the Terms and Conditions.

Got other questions? Send me an e-mail or use the feedback form.


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