Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is a REST API?

REST is an acronym for Representational State Transfer — an almost meaningless description of the most-used web service technology! REST is a way for two computer systems to communicate over HTTP in a similar way to web browsers and servers.

What is CoCart?

CoCart is REST API for WooCommerce that provides control over the front-end aspects of an eCommerce store. CoCart helps you, as a developer, to develop a headless eCommerce store away from the web.

Practically means you can for example, create an app that allows customers to shop via mobile on either Android or iOS. As a developer you also have the power to customise the responses returned to your needs.

What is CoCart Pro?

CoCart Pro is a premium version of the free WordPress plugin. It is an extension plugin, meaning that it does require the free version to be installed.

Is CoCart for me?

While CoCart is designed to be as easy to use as possible, it is a REST API created specifically for developers. You will need an understanding of how REST API’s work for the code language or framework you decide to build your headless store in with CoCart to get the most value out of the plugin. Checkout the documentation to get some understanding.

What kind of support do you provide?

I want you to get the best out of your headless store with CoCart. If you run into any difficulties, there are several places you can find help:

  • Our extensive documentation contains examples and guides for most situations you may encounter.
  • There is also an active and friendly community on the CoCart Community Slack channel who may be able to help you figure out the ‘how-tos’ of CoCart. As a customer, you can also ask me directly (@seb) to assist with your more in depth, technical challenges.
  • You can find WordPress professionals at Codeable provide coding support if you’re starting to feel out of your depth.
What are the minimum requirements?

To use CoCart and any of CoCart plugins you must be using the following minimum requirements:

  • PHP v7.3
  • WordPress v5.4
  • WooCommerce v4.3
I did not get my Slack invite for support, what do I do?

Check your junk/spam folder to see if it went there instead by mistake. If not, please contact me via the email address you made the order with and I will invite you again.

How do plugin updates work?

When there’s a new release of any CoCart plugin, the update will show in the WordPress dashboard ready you to update it automatically just like any other plugin. If you let your licence expire, you will no longer have access to plugin updates.

Pre-purchase Questions

How much does CoCart cost?

CoCart Lite is free and available on WordPress plugin directory. The free version is not only the core of CoCart but also only features the basics to get you started with your development.

To complete your cart you will need CoCart Pro which comes in 3 tiers and are priced in USD. See pricing for more details.

Are there any on-going costs?

If you purchase any of the tiers for CoCart Pro you will be charged each year from purchase date for plugin updates and support.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can safely pay with your credit card through Stripe.

Where can I download my purchase?

Your CoCart Pro download will always be accessible via your account page.

Are licences active forever?

Licences remain active for the subscription period from the date of purchase.

Can I upgrade my licence?

Yes, you may upgrade your licence at any time. Simply upgrade in your account area to upgrade and pay the difference in cost. This does not constitute a renewal to your licence, so your licence will expire on the original date purchased should you not renew it.

Does CoCart support multi-site? What kind of license do I need?

CoCart can operate in a multi-site environment. In order to activate your license for each site within the network, the license must accommodate the total number of sites within your multi-site installation.

How does a licence apply to development or staging sites?

A single site licence may be active within one WordPress install at a time. If you are testing with CoCart Pro on a staging site it is recommended that you activate the licence in staging and when the site is deployed you then deactivate the licence in staging and then activate it in production.

You do not need an Agency licence to use CoCart Pro on a staging site, local development domains do not count against the site limit for your licence.

CoCart Pro is fully functional even if your licence is inactive*.

*Same goes for all CoCart Add-ons.

Does CoCart Pro stop working if my licence expires?

Absolutely not. My plugins will continue to serve you well even after your licence has expired. Inactive licences simply will not receive automatic updates or be given support.

Do you offer a trial?

No I do not. I’m confident that CoCart will offer you what you need to build your headless store.

Does CoCart Pro work on

Yes, CoCart Pro and all it’s add-ons work on for those who have the “Business” plan, which allows installation of plugins.

Do you offer refunds?

Please see the appropriate section in the Terms and Conditions.

Account and Subscription Questions

I’m having trouble logging in

If you are having troubles logging in please try again in incognito mode with your choice of browser. If you have tried several times and have been locked out you will have to wait for at least 30 minutes as security percussion. If the problem still persists when trying again after 30 minutes then I suggest resetting your password as you may have forgotten it.

Password reset is not working

If you’re running into difficulties trying to reset your password, please get in touch.

What can I do with my account?

With your account you can:

  • Download the latest version of CoCart Pro.
  • View and upgrade your licences.
  • View and print invoices for all your previous orders.
  • Edit your contact and billing details.
Transferring Ownership

Transferring ownership of an CoCart Pro licence is as simple as updating the account details at your account page. If you’ve lost your account information, or are having troubles making this happen, please let me know.

Can I delete my account?

Absolutely, although this is not possible through the website. Please get in touch.

How do renewals work?

You’ll receive plugin updates and support for the subscription period you purchased.

On the anniversary of your purchase, your subscription will automatically renew giving you another round of plugin updates and support.

If you cancel your subscription and let your licence expire, you will no longer have access to plugin updates or support.

Will you automatically charge my credit card?

Yes, your purchase is a subscription. You can cancel your subscription and add/remove payment methods at any time from My Account. I’ll send you an email 14 days before I charge your account as a reminder.

Got other questions? Send me an e-mail or use the contact form.

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