Cart Management

No local storing is required! All cart data is handled and stored in session for a period of time.

Custom Session Handler

CoCart uses a custom session handler that enables the ability to support guest customers via the REST API with or without cookies.

CORS Ready

For advanced headless setup, CoCart works across multiple domains when enabled either via filter or our free add-on.

Easy Setup

You will be up and running the RESTful API in seconds. Simply install and activate and you’re ready to go!

Developer Friendly

CoCart is easy to extend with plenty of action hooks and filters to enhance the features and functionality already provided.

Performance Ready

Thoroughly tested and built with speed in mind, CoCart performs beautifully on all sites; from large to small and in-between.

Fully internationalized

CoCart is ready to be translated into your language. As always, translations are welcome!

Made for WooCommerce

CoCart is a RESTful API designed to provide support for the front-end of any WooCommerce store.


If you are in need of support, we’re here to help and so is the CoCart community.

Build the Cart Your Way

CoCart allows you to design and control the cart your way. Everything you need to add, update or remove items to and from the cart. Even authenticating as a registered customer.

Extensive Documentation

Our documentation provides clear examples for each API in many code languages. Developers can use filters and action hooks for customization needs. Tools and Resources are also provided.


CoCart also comes with add-ons that either change, improve or support features in and for CoCart and other official WooCommerce extensions and 3rd-party plugins.

More features in CoCart Pro


Apply coupons, remove coupons, validate coupons should the cart have been left unattended for some time and get all applied coupons to the cart.

Cross Sells

Return products based on the items in the cart to promote them to your customer.

Customer Details

Return details of the customer in session. If they are a returning customer, you are ready to pre-fill your checkout form for them.


Need to apply an additional fee to the cart? No problem. Add a fee, Get all fees applied, Remove all fees and calculate fees.

Payment Methods

Return the payment methods available in your store for your customer to choose from if more than one.

Shipping Methods

Once the shipping is calculated you can fetch the available shipping methods and set according to the customers selection.


Return each item in the cart with the quantity of that item the customer has added.

Removed Items

Access to items removed from the cart by the customer should you wish to allow the customer to re-add an item to the cart if they made a mistake.

Cart Weight

If you are shipping a lot of heavy items, knowing how much a customers cart weighs is a no brainier.


Integration with the official WooCommerce Subscriptions extension – see subscription details for any subscription product added to cart. Also extends support for Shipping Methods.

More Features Coming

Even more integrations will be coming to CoCart Pro in the future. Want to request a feature? Let us know.

Build your headless store with CoCart

Customers tell us that CoCart is easy to use, saves development time, reliable and just works. They love it, and I think you’ll love it too. Ready to get started? Try CoCart risk-free today, and start building your headless store.

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