Developer Ready

CoCart is created for developers in mind with clear and easy to follow documentation, you can use hooks and filters to extend and apply what you need.


Performance is important to you which is why the REST API is designed to allow any form of application to return the data you require quickly.


With CoCart designed for mobile apps in mind, you can return the cart data how you want simply by changing the way the response returns.

Add Items

CoCart provides the core basics of adding a simple product or a variation from a variable product to the cart.

Calculate Totals

Everything needs to be calculated before the customer checks out. You can also request to return the totals once calculated.

* In CoCart Pro, the shipping costs and additional fees are also calculated.

Remove Items

Everyone removes items from their shopping cart so your customers can too.

Get Totals

Return all totals of the cart from, shipping, discounts, tax, subtotal and the total of the cart.

* Fee details are appended to the totals in CoCart Pro.

Update Items

Sometimes customers like more of the same item. When increasing the quantity, it checks stock remaining for that item before updating the quantity in cart.

Coupons Pro

Apply coupons, remove coupons, validate coupons should the cart have been left unattended for some time and get all applied coupons to the cart.

Cross Sells Pro

Return products based on the items in the cart to promote them to your customer.

Customer Details Pro

Return details of the customer in session. If they are a returning customer, you are ready to pre-fill your checkout form for them.

Fees Pro

Need to apply an additional fee to the cart? No problem. Add a fee, Get all fees applied, Remove all fees and calculate fees.

Payment Methods Pro

Return the payment methods available in your store for your customer to choose from if more than one.

Shipping Methods Pro

Once the shipping is calculated you can fetch the available shipping methods and set according to the customers selection.

Quantities Pro

Return an array of all items in the cart with the quantity of each item the customer has added.

Removed Items Pro

Access to items removed by the customer should you wish to allow the customer to re-add an item to the cart.

Cart Weight Pro

If you are shipping a lot of heavy items, knowing how much a customers cart weighs is a no brainier.

Subscriptions Pro

Integration with the official WooCommerce Subscriptions extension – see subscription details for any subscription product added to cart.

Extends support for Shipping Methods.

More Coming

Even more integrations will be coming to CoCart Pro in the future. Have a specific one in mind? Let me know.