Free vs Pro

Compare both CoCart Lite and CoCart Pro features.
(*) Individual API, that may already return within the cart response.

CoCart Pro is an add-on. You will need to download and install CoCart first.

FeatureCoCart LiteCoCart Pro
Get store information
Add simple, variable and grouped products to the cart
Get customers cart and cart contents
Update Items in the cart
Remove Items from the cart
Restore Items to the cart
Re-Calculate the cart totals
Retrieve the cart totals
View the Cart Contents
Get the Item Count
Empty the cart
Login the customer/user
Logout the customer/user
Add and Remove Coupons to/from Cart
Get Applied Coupons (*)
Get Coupon Discount Total (*)
Get Cart Total Weight (*)
Get Cross Sells (*)
Get and Set Payment Method
Get and Set Shipping Methods
Get and Set Fees
Calculate Fees, Shipping Fees and Totals
Supports WC Subscriptions
Get Products without Authorization (Add-on required)
In DevelopmentCoCart LiteCoCart Pro
Retrieve Checkout Fields
Set Cart Customer
Create Order
Return Customers Orders
Return Customers Subscriptions
Return Customers Downloads
Return Customers Payment Methods
Get and Update Customers Profile
CoCart LiteCoCart Pro
Supports multi-sites
Works across multiple domains, CORS ready!
Enable white-label mode
Plugin UpdatesFree1 Year

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