New CoCart Pro Prices for 2020

? A little history

At the launch of CoCart Pro on the 23rd August 2019, there was a lot of experimenting with the prices as I didn’t know how to market such a product.

I was providing a product that does not have a product to compete against and I still don’t. Active installs of CoCart was still low and the sales were slowly coming in.

Then suddenly in November there was a sudden wave of downloads, visitors to the site and more sales. ?

During the early bird period I provided a “Lifetime’ tier which sold a number of times and helped boost my confidence in the product as it was one step closer to validating that my product has value for what it offers to developers.

During Christmas holidays, sales were still coming in but most were purchasing the “Personal” tier which was great but after a while it became clear that the price for the “Personal” tier was to low and that being able to keep developing the product and provide support was going to be more costly to me in the long run since the lifetime tier was only a one-time purchase.

So I decided to experiment with the personal tier increasing it a little, bit by bit to see what customers would be willing to pay for the lower tier. I even increased the number of website activations from 1 to 3. I finally got to a price that was just right and has been doing well since.

I removed the “Lifetime” tier at the end of January 2020. Despite decreasing it by $100 it was no longer making any sales after Christmas so to me that meant the early bird period was over.

New pricing details

The new pricing model adopts a more contemporary approach and has been carefully designed to suit the users across three common use-cases.



Includes all Pro features, plugin updates and support per year for 10 websites.

Access to all pro add-ons plus all future pro add-ons.



Includes all Pro features, plugin updates and support per year for unlimited websites.

Access to all pro add-ons plus all future pro add-ons.

Early access to future features.



Includes all Pro features, plugin updates and support per year for 5 websites.

You may upgrade your license at any time, just pay the difference in cost!

? Prices increased

I have increased the prices across the board to better reflect the value of the plugin it brings to developers. Now, more than ever with the addition of CoCart Add-ons, CoCart Pro is the one solution to building a headless WooCommerce store with new features in development.

Some of these features in development are also add-ons and I can’t wait to share theme with you over the coming months.

? Add-ons included

Along with the price changes, if you haven’t already noticed, those who have the “Developer”, “Freelancer”, “Agency” or “Lifetime” tier also gain access to special add-ons for CoCart Pro.

This was applied before the prices were official changed so if you were a customer before the 9th March 2020, you too also get the same deal and have already been added to your subscription. If you appear to be missing access to any add-on in your subscription, please get in touch.

All free add-ons are available to all CoCart users and does not require you to be a CoCart Pro customer unless specified other wise.

? Changed tier

The middle-tier option is now aimed at freelancers. Before it was called “Developers” but as the product really is for developers in general, calling the middle tier “Developers” did not make sense so it’s now called “Freelancers”.

The new tier also has reduced the number of website activations by 10 from the previous 20. I did this because it helps me manage the amount of support I provide for one freelancer. The “Personal” tier has also decreased back to 1 from 3.

✋ What this means for you

The pricing changes will only affect new sales. If you are already a CoCart Pro customer, your licence will remain as is.

Those who purchased the “Lifetime” tier during the early bird period will still get updates and support forever and those who purchased the “Developer” tier will remain on that tier and keep your 20 website activations.

If you purchased the “Personal” tier before 9th March 2020 you will still get 3 website activations.


Should you cancel, downgrade or upgrade your “Developer” subscription at any time you will no longer have the option to select that tier again.

? Wrapping up

In closing, I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the CoCart community. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to work on such an awesome product. Your feedback and reviews have been wonderful to read.

On top of that, finally reached the first 1000+ active install milestone last month and this week reached the 10k+ downloads milestone. ?

The upcoming changes are the result of a lot of careful consideration. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hi, please send me an email.

I am incredibly excited about the positive impact these changes will have on CoCart’s future. Thanks again for your support!