Looking to Hire a Node.js Developer

Updated: 25th November, 2019

Dead line for submitting applications is now closed!

I am in need of assistance from a Node.js developer to complete an API client to easily interact with the CoCart REST API.

I have forked one from WooCommerce and started to make adjustments but I am not a Node.js expert yet. Still learning, which is why I need your help. If you are selected for the project you will be given access to the GitHub repository that I have started.

To give you some idea as to what you will be working on to build a version for CoCart, please take a look at this repository.

I take it that after reading this far you are interested so here is what I require:

  • Make authentication optional as the client needs to work with the REST API for logged out users as well.
  • Make sure any parameter that an endpoint has whether it’s required or optional, it passes without fail. I’m sure this is already done but just need verification.
  • Make sure all dependencies for the Node.js are all good and working together. No major security issues.
  • Create unit tests. (Leave to last)
  • Clear written examples on how to use the Node.js for documentation.
  • Instructions for me on how to maintain the project.

The client will be open-source once the project is completed and the CoCart documentation will be updated to include examples for the Node client.

I will need to see code examples preferably via your GitHub or BitBucket profile. Your welcome to share any work elsewhere that I can view that is similar to what I am want to achieve.

The job is remote so you can work anywhere and since we are only making adjustments to a project that is already complete it should not take any longer than a day. I do have a set budget in mind but would like to know also what you would charge for the set task.

In addition to finishing the client you, will be given lifetime access for CoCart Pro.

Application deadline is 22nd November, 2019

After the deadline I will review the applications and get back to you asap. Happy to answer any questions you may have too.

Thank you for reading and your interest. πŸ™‚

Adding products to the cart

Want to know how to add products to the cart with CoCart? Checkout these examples below.

Simple Product

Simple products are exactly that. Just the product ID and the quantity are required.

Variable Product

Notice for a variable product you pass along the attribute the customer selected too. Variable products may have more than one attribute and some variations maybe set to allow attributes to be open to any option so passing along the attribute the customer selected is always best with multiple options.

When adding the attribute make sure you start the key with attribute_pa_ followed by the attribute slug of the option selected and then the value.

First 10 paying customers

When developing a new REST API that has so many conditions, it can be frighting. However, when broken down into parts, supporting the core features is achievable.

When I started working on CoCart last year, it was just a prototype. This was version 1. I wasn’t new to using a REST API but new to creating a REST API.

It was around the same time I stopped working as a contractor to put more time to build a better version. One that was more open for developers to request specific parameters, filter in new data and have the ability support popular WooCommerce extensions or 3rd party plugins.

In order for me to do a free and a premium version of CoCart the API needed to be more flexible. It would not have worked on the current API and with the changes made in WooCommerce since the release of my prototype, it was a necessary decision to move away from extending WooCommerce’s REST API to being a REST API of it’s own.

CoCart v2 was released on 3rd July, 2019 and by the time I launched CoCart Pro on the 23rd August 2019, almost half of my user base already upgraded to version 2 which is the minimum requirement in order for CoCart Pro to work and in just a little over a month I already have my first 10 customers.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and I already have my first customer review.

Just wanted to say thank you for creating this plugin! I’m currently developing a new Ionic app which uses WordPress with WooCommerce as its base store and needed something to interact with WooCommerce powerful abilities and extensibility via some sort of API and yours fitted perfectly.

Keep up the good work!

This completes the first milestone. More features and support is currently in development and I can’t wait to share more details on them soon.

Just like to say a big thank you to my first 10 customers and I look forward to the next 10.

CoCart v2.1.0-beta.4

I am pleased to share a new beta release for CoCart that combines both a new endpoint to access products without authentication and cart support for guest customers.

To test out the new features please view the WIP (Work in Progress) section of the documentation.

If you would like to know more about the coming version, checkout these two posts.

Changelog for this release

  • Added: Counter for carts in session in WC system status.
  • Corrected: Incorrect bool value used for initial item added to cart.
  • Corrected: Value typo with cart key when storing cart to the database.
  • Corrected: Version returned in WC system status for CoCart.
  • Removed: Tax status and tax class for products data returned.
  • Tweak: Fixed create_tables() should not be called statically
  • Tweak: Fixed get_cart() not called statically.


  • NEW: Added a new endpoint for fetching products or a singular product in READ-ONLY. No authentication required.
  • NEW: Added support for guest carts.
  • NEW: Cart data are stored in a new database table.
  • NEW: Added plugin details to WooCommerce System Status.
  • NEW: Added uninstall.php file to delete tables and options.
  • Dev: Clear all carts stored in session via the Tools section of WC System Status.
  • Dev: Cart expiration can be filtered if the default 48 hours is not to your liking.
  • Dev: Cart key can be filtered before storing cart in the database and creates a cookie on the customer’s device.

I look forward to any feedback you have.

Thank you.

Retrieving Products should NOT be Hard

When building a headless store, quick and easy access to displaying information (such as products) is an important ability to have.

WooCommerce’s REST API is designed for creation, modifications and deletion. While it does let you retrieve products it’s blocked via an authentication requirement. ?

For products, this should NOT be a requirement. In preparation for the next CoCart release, I am introducing a READ-ONLY products endpoint. Allowing you to get the products without authentication.

The returned data is similar to WooCommerce’s REST API, the only difference is that certain parts are not included when returning the data which are designed for shop managers only.

Before it’s released to all users I am looking for testers to try it, provide your feedback on what may need tweaking or what you would like added or supported for products.

If you wondering how to use the new endpoint, I have that covered in a new section of the documentation called Work in Progress.

So how do I test this out?

Simple, just download the beta release below and install it on a none production site to try it out and follow the documentation under Work in Progress.


This beta release does not include the cart session that I am working on. It’s currently being held until I can get some feedback. If you want to try that out, please see this post for information.

Look forward to your feedback.