Support Challenges

We understand there are many great front-end plugins developed but not all can be supported just like that with CoCart.

We have a long list of quality extensions that we are working to audit and support. Updates for these extensions can be seen via our public roadmap.

Due to the nature of these extensions were originally designed for, the majority of them need converting so they can be supported via CoCart.

As headless decoupled architecture is still new to some, not all plugin developers who have designed these extensions for WooCommerce are either aware or want to support WooCommerce via the REST API.

So there are challenges and the results after an audit could mean that we can’t support said extension for the time being.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please check our updated support policy for what is and what is not supported with our support service.

In addition to improving our pre-sale live chat, we will now provide you with the option to view F.A.Q to make answering your questions faster before talking to a human.