CoCart 2.0.13 RC2

March has been a busy month for everyone and if you have been keeping your plugins updated then you will have noticed the few silent releases recently that I have been pushing out.

This particular release however will be making a change to the quantity parameter.

The value type for quantity by default in WooCommerce is integer meaning that it only allows numeric values to be used in order to add or update an item to the cart.

The change requested by @metemaddar makes the value type a float allowing decimal values to be passed.

In order for this to work the `woocommerce_stock_amount filter must also be changed to validate the float value. This has been done for you.

It’s important that this release is validated as it affects total and tax calculations and I do not wish to break those who are using the default value type.

This is the first community contribution and I hope there will be more in the future. I urge you to test only on a local or staging site.

To test CoCart 2.0.13 RC2, download the release candidate here (zip).

If you find a problem, please report the bug.


Since 2.0.13 is in a release candidate stage, only bug fixes will be made.

For Developers: A new filter has also been added for sold individual products. cocart_add_to_cart_sold_individually_quantity this matches the filter in the core of WooCommerce – woocommerce_add_to_cart_sold_individually_quantity

If you use the filters, both values must match.

Happy testing! 😀

CoCart v2 Release Candidate 2

Another release candidate for CoCart v2. I’m not going to specify a release date but if there are no further major issues I will release it sometime this week with more details about CoCart Pro.

All details of the changes made to CoCart for v2 can be found here and links to the specific feature improvements made can be found here.

Before v2 is made available to the public I require your feedback for suggestions, issues or bugs that need to be squashed. View the new documentation available for details on the new API.

Please only test on a local environment or staging site. If you come across an issue, please report it via the GitHub repository where I can manage it more appropriately.

Thank you.


  • Added refresh totals parameter to adding item.

CoCart v2 Release Candidate 1

Two days ago was suppose to be the release of CoCart v2 but a major issue occurred that was found last minute so I had to delay and I’m glad I did as this issue actually exposed a few invalid responses and sections that could be improved further.

Now the major issue is resolved and further improvements have been made, CoCart v2 is ready for real this time but before it is made public I would like you to test it out for me and report any bugs or issues you come across.

The documentation will be updated over the weekend but is 99% ready for CoCart v2.

Updated: 1st July 2019

Release Candidate 2 was released. See post for more details.

Thank you for your patience. 🙂


  • WP_Error is no longer in CAPS
  • Added notes for translators and tweaked strings.
  • Corrected feature mentioned for CoCart Pro.
  • New totals override totals instead of another REST Response.
  • Added original price of product when getting cart.
  • Added more argument descriptions.
  • Optional argument corrections.
  • Return a response should specified cart item key not exist in cart.
  • Tweaked CSS for admin notices.
  • Ensure we don’t add a variation to the cart directly by variation ID.
  • Generate a ID based on product ID, variation ID, variation data, and other cart item data.
  • Added new option to refresh cart totals once item has been added.
  • Use self get_cart instead of cart class get_cart.
  • Added new option to return cart raw if requested.
  • Quantity of item increases if item already in cart. Responses improved.
  • Removed the need to format quantity value again when checking available stock.
  • No need to check if WC endpoint is requested.
  • Removed validate_callback for pre-formatted totals.
  • Made sure the cart item key parameter name is consistent.
  • Return cart parameter is no longer ignored.
  • Return cart item contents rather than boolean status.
  • Changed hook for loading controllers.